• WAVES Skirt Size 12
    (25.5"-26" Waist)

  • $50.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage women's US Navy WAVES blue wool skirt (vintage size 12).

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Waist - 25 1/2"-26"
    Hips -  37"-38"
    Length - most 30"-31 1/2" with some as long as 33 1/2"


    We were lucky enough to find some deadstock unissued WAVES skirts. We have several of each size available. A few have labels, but most do not have any label. A couple may even have the cutter tags, but most do not. Some have a bit of dirt or storage wear (nothing than couldn't be fixed with a visit to the dry cleaner). They are all dark blue 100% wool with the small pockets on the front and a metal side zipper. The color blue may vary slightly from piece to piece; the button on the side also varies in style. Almost all are unhemmed. Some have hem tape on the bottom, some do not. Some have a small envelope with hem tape inside, some do not. I did check for holes and tried my best to make sure there are no moth holes. I may have missed a few pinprick size holes or pulls in the material, but generally these skirts do not have any really noticeable holes. A few have flaws on the hem tape.


    This style of WAVES skirt was the same during the war and in the years after the war. These skirts may be wartime or they may be postwar.

    These are a vintage size 12 which is much smaller than a modern size 12. The size may vary ever so slightly from piece to piece, but are all in the ranges listed above.


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